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Monday, April 23, 2012

PR's on Barr, Greenland Trails

Quite happy with my last 2 runs.  2 new PR's, neither of them were something that I anticipated or even set as a goal as I started out on each of them.

Friday, early evening I set out on the Greenland Trail to work on race pace for the first 3 miles, then take it easy on the 2 miles in the middle, then push again on the last 3 miles.  I was pleasantly surprised to get through the first 3 miles in a quicker time than I had set for myself - even backed off the effort just a bit.   Still was faster than I have done that stretch before.

The middle 2 miles I backed way off and just plugged up the saddle at a smooth and steady pace.  Cresting the top with 3 miles to go I turned it back up some more and felt strong throughout.  I made an effort to not watch the watch - instead going by feel.  This stretch, like the first 3 miles - I also felt like I could have put more into it. 

When I crossed the 8 mile / finish line, and looked at what I had just done - those last 3 miles were a little faster than was the plan - but also resulted in beating my previous best overall time by about a minute.  Very pleased with that - definitely think I could go faster.

Moving forward to Sunday morning, the goal was go from the PPM start line, head up to Barr Camp, trying to run it all the way.   Due to the outstanding weather the trail was packed, yet I managed to maintain a good steady pace and for only the second time - ran the whole way up without walking.  Not only that, but clocked in at Barr Camp in 1:52:30.  I'm fairly certain that is my quickest time - was at least 7 minutes faster than the other time I ran the whole way up.

Took it easy on the way back down, enjoying the sunshine and trail conditions - along with even more crowds who were also enjoying just a beautiful Colorado day.  15.2 miles on the day.  My last big run before the Greenland Trail race in a couple of weekends.  My focus between now and then will be back on that Trail, working on the different sections - trying to improve.


  1. Peaking at the right time - that's the way to roll Craig!!! Super stoked about Greenland and it is coming quickly!

  2. Got soccer games throughout the front range all day Saturday - I'll waive as I go by. I hoping for and downright expecting good things for you, Brad and me.