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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Running) Core Values

This might won't be too deep.  I am after all just a knuckle dragging guy that is very ordinary and plain, most would accuse of being boring.

I don't drink, don't smoke, don't stay up late often and don't ever drive over the Speed limit don't get out much (to things like movies or nice restaurants).

I am married and we have 3 kids, a dog, a cat and a horse.  My kids are spoiled, we probably watch too much TV and don't take enough family vacations.

If you asked me what our "Family Values" are it may take a while for me to come up with a decent list - that is actually true and not just wishful thinking.

Before the end of this month I will have a birthday - it sucks to get older.  I don't necessarily have many regrets in my life, but if given the opportunity to be younger in order to do more stuff and do it better - that I would take.  It would be nice to be 24, 28 or thereabouts again.

Aside from doing fun stuff w/ my family - I enjoy running, especially on trails and usually I run alone.  For me, running has consequences both positive and negative. 

On the positive side, there is: better health, actually getting faster and stronger, enjoying the Colorado scenery and achieving some goals.
On the negative side: it hurts sometimes usually,  it takes up time that I could be spending with my family, it costs money to enter races and running shoes aren't cheap either.

I think I may have a mid life crisis soon.  Maybe that is an excuse to go buy a fancy shmansy sports car.  My wife wouldn't let me do that, rightfully so.  Maybe my planned / expected mid life crisis is more of a realization that I am getting older and so is my family - so if time and stuff with them is neglected - then I will never get it back.

So, some priorities for me, with my family, have been going through my mind recently.  I'm trying to do things with more of a clear perspective on the "bigger picture".  Being a self confessed knuckledragging niff norf - I'll fail at times, probably often.

Times that I will not fail (hopefully) will be when my family is fully the #1 priority.  Then, when I can get out for a run - to run w/ a clearer purpose, be done and then come back home.

In the past couple of months I have been trying to run more purposed, meaning each run has a reason / goal.  Sure I am training for races and so my runs are training: hills sometimes, tempos for others, as well as some long endurance building runs.  But less "just running".

I'm running less days each week, but running a little longer on each of those runs - this has resulted in running only 4 or at the most 5 times a week.  I've got up to 50+ miles for 2 of the past 3 weeks.  This week though is looking like only about 30 to 35.  It's a little difficult to accept that mentally, but I think I am okay with that.

The other "core" thing that I have been working on is my core.  That midsection thingy / part of me that stores Ice Cream, jelly beans and chocolate quite well.  I've cut back some (not much - but at least it is some) and have been working on core-strengthening exercises.  I've found that is helping me feel and also run better.  I'm also weighing less than I have in a while.

So, that's where I am - at least for today.  Trying to be a better knuckledragger person, with a core that matters, that core being 4 people at home - whether they all will admit it or not: who love me for who I am and who look up to me to set an example for them.

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