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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Greenland Trail Final Training Plan

Less than 10 days away and I am getting anxious.  I need to stop looking at the entry list and giving myself crazy ideas of a top 10 finish.  Top 25 maybe.   I need to run (on race day) with tunnel vision - meaning, I'm not there to race anyone else.

I need to be focused on setting my own pace, pushing when and where I know I can, surviving the sections that usually give me grief.  If I stick to my plan and don't let other runners have an influence on my strategy - then I should be able to say at the end that I was "happy with how I ran" - which should be more important than "happy with how I placed".

I know the course quite well.  In the past 8 weeks I have run all or parts of the course on 13 different days.  I'll be there again this evening (3 x Hill repeats), again on Friday and Sunday (a lap each time working on the first 3 and last 3 miles), then next week probably 3 more days doing some of the sections of the course.

I've never tapered for an 8 mile race before - but I've also never trained so much for an 8 mile race.  I think that I need to take it a little easier this week and next.

So, I think I should be prepared, therefore I need to "trust the training".  Like the fact I can't control who or how other people run, the weather is going to do it's thing also.  The super long range forecast so far looks okay.  Meaning no signs of a cold front coming in next week.  So the course should be in good shape.  Wind is usually a factor, but having been there so many times - I think I am also prepared for whatever blows on race day.  Unless the crap hits the fan that day.

Physically - knock on wood - I'm feeling quite good.  A sore arch is just about all but gone, knees are best they have been in a long while.  I really think that my (almost) daily stretching and leg strengthening exercises have really helped. 

I'm ready for race day now - just have to be patient.  Still got some running to do before race day.   Other things will keep me busy and someone I know also turns 44 this weekend - groan.  Now I just replaced my anxiousness to run, with a "sheesh - it sucks to get old" feeling.

With that - a wacky birthday song video - You Toob is frightening.

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  1. I know it usually doesn't fit your busy schedule, but I'll be out there Saturday am obsessing over the minute details of the course lol! Glad you are running well. Hope you're there a little early since it is a staggered start this year.