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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly review 10/23 - 10 29

I am missing long runs on the weekends - instead it is kids Soccer, off to Salida today for a game, back home over 8 hours later - #6 (game jersey for runner #12) scored twice and also played goalie for a bit, stopping 2 shots in a 6 - 0 shutout :)  Before the long drive home we got all sugared up which made for a loud and boisterious journey back.  That's enough about the kids - looking back at the past week.....

Monday - 8 miles on the Santa Fe Trail from Sth end of Monument, up and around Palmer Lake and back.  Slow pace up, then a tempo 5k back and was able to average a 7:20 pace for that.  Not blazing speed, but positive progress.

Wednesday was play day on Spruce Mountain.  6 1/2 miles in the snow - most fun running in who knows how long.  I wouldn't mind doing that again - maybe this next week (hello approaching Wednesday snow storm).

Thursday 4 1/2 miles along Cottonwood Creek.  This was a trail I have not run on before.  Started at Cottonwood Creek park, down the trail to Union, then back up, past the park up to Austin Bluffs, turned around and back down to CC Park.  Moderate pace, was a little weary after some effort in the snow the day before.

Friday afternoon I was planning on running the 1/2 marathon course of the American Discovery Trail Marathon.  Less than a 1/2 mile into it the trail was fenced off and no access, grrrr.  So, had to bail on that idea and instead ran South a 1/2 mile and then West under I-25 and up into Bear Creek park.  Having not run in there much at all I just kept on making right turns for the most part and ended up going all over the place, on mountain bike trails, wider trails, crossing 21st Street, some minor climbing, across sports fields, up, down, round and round - then finally back to America the Beautiful Park where I had started - totalled 8 miles.  Aside from not wearing trail shoes - was a good, somewhat surprising because it was not planed - but worked out quite well run.

Saturday evening after 7 hours away at Soccer games did an easy 3 miles on the Treadmill to bring the weekly total up to 30.

Kind of thinking that 30 mile weeks are good right now, don't want to do less - but with no upcoming race incentives - don't need to do more.  So, just banking miles and maintaining semi fitness.  I learnt 2 things this week - 1) although it is kind of nuts - running in snow is a lot of fun.  2) Sometimes a planned (eg: Friday) run - if not possible can still be worth it if you go looking for it - for which I am glad I did.

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