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Friday, October 7, 2011

Barr Trail Mtn Race revisted

A couple of weeks ago I ran the Summer Roundup Trail Run course.  Kind of a revenge run as I did it earlier in the year at a hobble due to the torn meniscus.

Late yesterday I set my sights on Barr Trail - the race earlier this Summer happened 4 days after my knee surgery, so I could not do it.   Weather conditions yesterday were a little dicey so I didn't know if I would or should try go all the way up to Barr Camp.

Starting off at the Cog Depot in 54 degrees, light rain and gusty winds - I began, with a woolly hat and gloves just in case - that proved to be a smart choice later.  It was never hazardous - but was snowy and windy at times up higher.

I did not do well at all up through the W's.  Both calves were squawking - a lot - to the point where I was walking a lot and stopped several times to try stretch them out.   Not sure if it was the cold weather, more likely the climbing uphill was more of a factor.

Near the rock arch where it is more exposed, the wind was kicking up and a few snow flurries were hurtling around.  Hat, gloves were now on but the calves were starting to feel better - so I was able to run more.  And then there was the scenary, was probably a week or so after the peak of the leaves turning - but still was nice to look at.  I stopped several times for pictures.
Some of those were just before and after the No Name creek aid station.  About 3 1/2 miles into the run as it "flattens out" a little was when the snow flurries started to become a little more thicker.  But by this time I was feeling and running better - plus it is not as steep, so I was moving at a decent speed.  I kept going.

Between the top of the W's to Barr Camp (and back) I saw only 1 other person.  It was like I had the whole Mountain to myself - and I liked it.

Stopped / slowed a few more times for photos.....
Finally made it up the 6 1/2 miles to Barr camp in 1:47:30 and stopped inside for a couple of minutes to empty the shoes.  Not the greatest time - but still not too bad.  Was almost 6pm when I left there - knew I needed to push fairly hard to get back down to avoid darkness.  The good thing was that skies had begun to clear and the wind was dying down.

So off I went - and to my pleasant surprise my knees did not give me any grief for most, if not all, of the way down.   I didn't see anyone else till about 3 switchbacks into the W's and I was cruising, feeling good.  Made it all the way down and decided to even go up Hydro Street to the finish line of the race course.  52 1/2 minutes down - only 5 minutes slower than when I had done it in the race last year.

Total time was 2:40.  Very happy with that.  I might see if I can do it again in the upcoming weeks - mostly to see if I can get up to Barr Camp quicker.  I should be able to as I was not having much luck with the calves for the first 3 miles - they are a little tender today.


  1. Thanks for sharing those shots. I don't get down to the peak this time of year, so it is cool to see that same trail I know in summer at this autumnal, winter point.

  2. It is really different: Summer / now. I'm sure it will be even more different in a couple of months.

  3. Great pics Craig - glad you had a nice revisit with the Barr after the forced "cancellation" this summer. I guess we came home to winter.....