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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corn maze antics, New Zealand style

It seems like the time of year where getting lost in a corn maze is amongst other Fall activities.  There is one not too far from my house and seeing the signs for it brings back memories of growing up in New Zealand.

I noted before in earlier posts how I grew up on a farm.  My Uncle is 9 years older than me and I don't know how he did it - but he would get people to give him their old, junky cars - to do whatever he liked with them.

I was a co-conspirator in these activities which included seeing how many times we could get them to roll down a hill, not on the wheels - but end over end.

We would use them as target practice - driving golf balls at them.

Of course, graffiti / painting them and just mercilessly beating them with anything and everything we could: hammers, shovels, pick axes, other cars - was all in a days work.

Then there was the corn field "incident"..... Lots of rural, rolling farmland nearby us.  One day we had a car, no engine in it, or glass.  We towed it up a hill and went to work.  Painting it, beating it up and having a great time destroying it.  Who needs a Wii or Xbox when you can do these things.

Not sure who had the idea but we decided to see if we could blow it up.  Gallons of gas all over the seats, floors and in the trunk later - complete with a bedsheet as a wick - we set the thing on fire and pushed it down the hill - towards the open field below.

About half way down the hill, the car was fully ablaze - it turned when it shouldn't have.  Ooops.  Right into the neighboring corn field - which of course belonged to a neighbor.  While I am somewhat of a fan of fires, and popcorn for that matter, what resulted was a little more than we had figured.  Hmmm - how we avoided prison time for that one I am not quite sure.

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