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Monday, October 10, 2011

Week in review 10/2 - 10/8. Changing Seasons.

As the week progressed, the season changed.  6+ inches of snow near my house on Saturday was evidence enough for that.   Photo above is Pikes Peak this morning.

This past week I achieved the 3rd week in a row of 30+ miles.  I initially was thinking of trying to maybe get up to 40.  Sunday I had planned a 12 miler near home but after really struggling, I cut it short, taking a short cut to end it at 8 1/4 miles.

Monday evening I hit the Santa Fe Trail at Woodmen Rd and went North.  Seemed to be a popular place to be running at that time of day - not sure which one, but seemed like a local High School Cross Country team was on their way back as I was heading out.

Did a total of 6 miles with the even numbered miles being up-tempo (for me), odd number miles were warm up / recovery.  I've mentioned already that since surgery I really have struggled to get any kind of speed.  So, Monday I was hoping some mile repeats would both help me and show me where I was - and / or where I wasn't.

First one - slightly uphill was 7:45.  The next recovery mile I was exhausted - slightly above walking pace for some of it.  At mile 3 overall I turned back and started tempo mile #2.  Pushed hard and was aided by the slight downhill and managed 7:30 for the mile.  Recovered again on a very slow mile and then for the last mile which has some rollers I managed to do another 7:30.

So, tempo speed is iffy at best.  Probably should be doing more repeats if I wanted to get faster.

Took Tuesday and Wednesday off as I set my sights on Barr Trail Thursday.  13 miles and a good, healthy dose of satisfaction later - was my best run since The Ascent.

Friday evening as the cold front was coming through I jumped on the treadmill and did 3 3/4 miles to take the weekly total up to 31.  A good week, with that nicely familiar feeling of "worked" legs.

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  1. North of Woodmen on SF Trail is great - enough rollers to keep you honest, but good leg turnover as well. You'll get there - keep up the good work. Not ready for snow running, btw.... just sayin'