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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week in review 10/9 - 10/15.

Another 30 mile week - ended with a wimper, followed by an all around feeling of blah, groan and moan.  I hate it when I don't feel well.

Sunday (10/9) did 10 miles near home - took a few minutes off the previous time I did it - 2 weeks ago.  The (dirt) roads were a little snowy / muddy - the day before had snowed 6+ inches.  Kind of fun.

Tuesday (10/11) did another 10 miles - this time on the Santa Fe Trail - going North from Northgate (entrance to the USAFA) up to Monument and back.  Slugged away on the way up (gradual, but minimal climb), turned around at 5 miles and headed back.  Did 2 miles at a 7:15 pace, followed by 2 miles of recovery, then the last mile at 7:20.  Showing some signs of being able to maintain some sort of up tempo.

Thursday (10/13) only 3 miles due to lack of daylight - did a lap of Fox Run Park in Black Forest.  This is a nice place to run, lots of trees and well maintained trails - with some hilly spots in places.

Friday (10/14), another favorite place to run in Black Forest - Section 16.  Not to be confused w/ Section 16 over near Old Colorado City.  Did 2 laps of the 4 mile loop.   2nd time around my gut really started to go wonky.  Later that night and often throughout the weekend I was crawled up in the fetal position.

Total for the week was 31 miles.  4 weeks in a row of similar distance.  Just as I am about to try to ramp it up to 35 - 40 miles I come down with something that has kept me feeling weak, tired, w/ no appetite.  Starting to come around but this looks like it could be a low mileage week.

On a different note - New Zealand has made it to the Rugby World Cup Final, they will play France this coming weekend.  They will eat them alive.


  1. Go NZ - eat those Frenchies! You don't often see photos like that at a trail run though..... Hope the gut comes around for you - that sounds pretty sucky!

  2. Wait - that photo is not from a trail run?

    Avoid the bad sushi and get the gut well.