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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire impact on Air Force Academy

Photo - taken Tuesday, Trails reopened Sunday
With so many of the local Colorado Springs Trails still closed due to the Waldo Canyon fire......

From Thursday
.... and wanting / needing to go for a run - more of the mandatory evacuations were lifted Friday (6/29) for areas in Rockrimmon and the USAFA.  So, I set out this morning to see if I could run the Falcon Trail - a 13 mile loop that in essence circles inside the Academy boundaries in the Foothills, just North of Colorado Springs and the impacted burn zone. 
Falcon Stadium w/ Blodgett Peak overlooking.
The guard at the gate said most of the trail was open, but wasn't certain if all of it was.  As I set out I passed several bikers who had done most of the loop and they told me the whole way around was open.  This is such a good trail to run on, keeping you honest and needing to stay committed with 13 miles and over 1300' of gain, not technical at all aside from just a couple of spots.  And plenty of views and scenary to behold.
Aside from wanting to get a good and testing run in, I was also curious to see what impact the fire has had on the Academy, as well as on Blodgett Peak at the North end of Peregrine - close to and quite visible from the South end of the trail. 

I am happy to say that the impact - although noticeable - especially to Peregrine and Blodgett Peak - is minimal to the Academy.  As you will see in the following photos - the fire is still burning in places, but the helicopters are doing a fantastic job and the Academy has several new fire lines cut in near the trail.
Blodgett Peak
Small, new firebreak cuts through the trail in several places.
A newly installed and very wide fire break
I stopped and chatted w/ a Mtn Biker when I took this last photo.  We watched the helicopters and chatted for a while - both agreeing that 1) The Academy is safe.  2) They took this very seriously - responding appropriately.  3)  The helicopters are fascinating to watch up close attacking the spot fires on Blodgett Peak.

I'm sure in the days, weeks and months to come - trails and more areas will open back up.  If you are reading this and are not local - please come visit Colorado Springs, spend lots of money and enjoy what we have to offer.  I don't work for the city or any tourist companies in any way at all - but I call this place my home and I can 100% vouch that we need tourists, we need business, we have plenty to share that you will enjoy.

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