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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Running season begins

My Calendar says it's June.  I would like to buy a vowel please.  Either time flies faster when you're older, or it just seems I don't pay attention as much - where did the year go already? 

It's Summer, kids have finished school, days are long, Sun is hot and I'm looking ahead to the next few months.  Now that the kids soccer season is also behind us, my son and I have come up with a training plan for a couple of races we will do together.

A few weeks back we agreed that he would pay some of the entry fees to the races - to help him be more "training commited".  We would also do some training runs together to help us both get prepared for the races - but also to just hang out together doing something that we both enjoy, but due to school, soccer and the business of life - we don't get to do much till Summer time.

The first of 2 races we are gearing towards is The Slacker Half Marathon - just under 3 weeks away.  We will be racing that together, but likely not alongside as I am hoping to be out in front of him chasing a PR (getting under 1:36).  He too will be chasing a PR (getting under 1:53).

3 weeks after that is The Barr Trail Mountain Race.  This race we will do together.  It will be a training run for the Pikes Peak Marathon for me, while for him - it will be a PR and age group record attempt.  We wanted to do it together last year but my knee surgery the week before the race ruled me out - he did it and did outstanding - beating the old age group record (of 10 - 14 year olds) by about 17 minutes, however a 14 year old beat him by 6 minutes or so.  This year - we get revenge, or at least we try and will train accordingly together. 

So, for the next few weeks, the plan is to run 3 times a week together.  A mix of some track / speed work, some climbing in the hills and some weekend long runs.  

It's good to commit to work hard and chase some running goals.  It's nice there are so many trails and places to run during this Colorado Summer.  I'm looking forward to doing both with him.  The boy is 13 now, last year (on the blog) I called him #12.  This year - I think he will be known as "The Teenager", or, "My Running Sidekick" or possibly "My Water Carrying Mule"

With some good training, some continued good health, of course the good weather, along with the great places to run - we should likely see some good race results, along with some good Father / Son time.


  1. Sorry I will miss you at BTMR (HR pacing). Look forward to the PR race report.

  2. Time for some fun indeed - and combined with quality Father/Son time makes it even better! Enjoy the prep and let me know when you and the sidekick want to drag me around Falcon Trail :)