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Friday, June 1, 2012

2 PR's on Waldo Canyon trail

Back in early March was the last time I had run the (7 mile if you do a lap of the parking lot also) trail - Pr'd then with a 67 minute time going clockwise.
For the 9 weeks away from Waldo, I was focused for most of my runs on the Greenland Trail - a totally different trail.  I have been looking forward to getting back to Waldo to see if any noticeable improvement.

Last Thursday I ran counter clockwise and was quite surprised that I matched my previous best time.  It's not that it came easy, it wasn't - but I finished and felt like I could have gone faster.

So, back at it yesterday I was looking forward to it and went clockwise this time - looking to do better than from March.  Tried to push a little harder - albeit not trying to go too nuts and overdo it - and took a minute off the PR.  Now it sits at 66 minutes even.

I think I can attribute the improvement to my increased fitness, also possibly incorporating my recent Tuesday track / speed work has also helped, plus also getting more familiar with the trail has helped. 

The trail is showing "full Spring growth" - much different than the late Winter runs.  Plenty of overhanging branches now and more people on the trail too.  Still is and will continue to be a favorite and enjoyable place for me to run.

In any case - I'm happy with the improvement and look forward to more improvement on upcoming Thursdays.

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  1. Nice new PR! And yes, a wee bit different than Kipps Loop :)