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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off Track / Track workout

Being a little shy of running laps in front of pre-teen girls (and their parents), which would likely have resulted in my daughter explaining to her friends that the old guy running around them for an hour was not a stalker - but just her Dad - resulted in me relocating to nearby Bear Creek Park, while kids soccer tryouts took place.

At the park is a community garden and a series of nice, wide, smooth trails that meander around near it - I picked the 1 1/4 mile loop, the flattest section - yet still has some nice slopes to keep me in check draggin my wagon at times.

Legs were still weary from Sundays 20 miler up Barr Trail on Pikes Peak.  So, started off w/ an easy mile warm up - then did a tempo mile that ended at the top of the most notable uphill stretch in 6:48.  Quite happy with that.  After a recovery mile I then set to work on 1/4 miles.

8 1/4's with a 1/4 mile recovery in between each rep.  Due to the slopes the times varied.  Fastest 1/4 was 1:25.  Slowest was 1:48.  Average was 1:35.

Finished w/ a mile cool down for a total of 8 miles (577 elevation gain).  Not sure how this would translate on a track, but pleased with the effort and okay with the results.

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