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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Greenland Trail redemption run

Nothing like peaking at the right time for a race - 3 days after the race took place.  After Saturday's (8 mile) race I was left with asking myself "what if".  I had not run well as I wanted to and therefore had not achieved the time that I thought and hoped I could pull off.

Late yesterday I got some answers to the "what if's".

"If" it wasn't so warm, "if" I had carried water and "if" I had run smarter - meaning not so fast at the start - what time could I do?

Yesterday it was about 10 degrees cooler than race day, I carried a water bottle and didn't go out quite so fast. 

Comparing splits from race day to yesterday:
- at Kipps Loop, 3 1/3 miles into the course, the turn off to do the climb up the saddle - yesterday was within 5 seconds of race day.
- at the top of the saddle, the 5 mile mark - was 12 seconds faster than race day.
- race day finish time = 1:02:23
- yesterday's finish time = 1:01:19
= 64 second PR

So, the lesson learned is really one of hydration I think.  Race day with 3 miles to go I was cooked and hanging on fumes to finish.  Yesterday, felt much better and it showed by busting out the last 3 miles noticeably quicker than race day.  Plus, after I finished yesterday - although feeling quite worked, I recovered really quickly.

It was not the 1 hour goal time I have been aiming for - that may not ever happen.  I might give it one more shot this weekend, or might just be happy and call it good until next year.


  1. Good Job Craig. Don't let it linger for a year. (Or 2 in my case...)

    Sunday - go for 59??? Let me know if you want suffering company :)

  2. Might be on for Sunday, weather permitting. I'll let you know Saturday.