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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tue Doodlings

Warning: The author of this blog has been caught playing with numbers and hereby advises any and all readers of this post there is math involved.  A quiz will be asked at the end.

Not sure if it is an old farmers saying or old wives tale - referencing "April Showers bring May Flowers".  But with the year 1/3rd over already and Spring doing it's springing thing - April was a good month running for me for the most part.  I'm hoping May will show the results.

* April: 17 runs, 170 miles, just over 20,000' vertical gain.  (2nd month in a row over 20K vert).

Comparing this year so far to last year 1/1/11 thru 4/30/11 - I have totalled 17 less miles this year than last - however I have run 8 less times than last year, so this year my average run is a longer distance.  However, the big difference is this year to date I have clocked almost 63,000 vertical gain - compared to last year at this time only 26,500. 

What those numbers tell me is that I have done better than last year.  Duh.  What they don't say is what I will say - I also feel better, I think.   I think I am healthier than I have been in who knows how long, definitely lighter, with less around the belly.  However I maybe a little more senile as well.

In doing some more vertical work I think the result has definitely made me feel stronger.  Also a more focused effort of core work - stretching and exercising routines on the midsection - 4 to 5 times a week for 30+ minutes a time - has profited me also.

I hope the payoff for a good first 4 months of the year will be this Saturday's Greenland Trail 8 miler - which is now full.  420 people registered, over 100 more than finished last year.  I'm expecting a good time for myself - which may result in a good result.  Trying not to focus on the (placing) result though - instead the journey itself.

And now for the math quiz.  I warned you.  Here is the link for who has signed up to run the 8 mile (1 lap) race.  Do some clicking and you will see that the 3rd oldest runner entered in this years 1 lap race, ran the race last year in a time that the top 2 runners in the 25K race (2 laps) ran a faster overall time to beat his overall time.   But he was not in last place, so congrats to him for despite being one of the oldest runners on race day, he was not the slowest.  (Hint: that has little to do with the question).

The winner of the 2 lap race had a winning time better than 42 people who finished the 1 lap. 

So, the question is:
How many people this Saturday will run 1 lap slower than those doing 2 laps?
a) 1 - 20
b) 21 - 40
c) 41 - 60
d) Mr Knuckledragging runner has spent waaaaay to much time obsessing over who is running the race(s) and instead should just be concerned about his own flippin race.

ps - my answer is "d".


  1. The payoff will be there Craig!

    The answer to your question is simple:

    [4 x pi x (8 Mile runners/25k Runners)] + (number of runners who have spent altogether too much time worrying about a trail race and just need to get the dang thing over with)


  2. Well done Steve - you figured out it was a trick question. Pi should always be in the answer - especially if it comes with ice cream :)