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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On a new track

Did some track work yesterday - I have run on a track probably less than a dozen times in my life.  I much prefer running off track / on trails - but are going to add it in to my mix to try generate some speed - at least going into the Slacker Half Marathon in 4 1/2 weeks.

Track running in my mind is similar to Treadmill running or mice running in those silly wheels.

I'm a little clueless admittedly - to the point where I wasn't exactly sure if 1600 meters is longer than a mile - but know that a lap is 400 meters, therefore 4 laps = 1600 meters, close to a mile and that is probably a good distance to work on, along with other less distances / fewer laps.

So, armed with not enough water (what's new), a decent case of cranky arthritis in the knees flaring up, and did I mention it was 88 degrees - I set off.

4 laps warm up then 4 laps pushing the pace - for a time of 6:28.  Not quite Olympic standards.  In fact - I think that is probably considered awful - that's how I felt after it, along with not being able to see straight.

Didn't stop there.  Did 4 very slow recovery laps, then picked up the pace again for 3 more laps.  Just to show how ridiculous this was - my average pace was 15 seconds slower for those 3 laps then the 4 lapper. 

I was a little parched / wobbly / bout ready to pass out - but pressed on and did 3 laps very slow to try to recover.  Did I mention that it was 88 degrees out?  Phew.

Next up: a 2 lapper, that's 800 meters, 1 lap less than before - surely I can do that at a quicker pace than the 3 or 4 lappers.  Answer: no.  Same pace as the 3 lapper - and I only managed to get it "down" to that pace with an all out, tongue failing sprint for the last 50 feet or so.

Wow, was I spent - I finished off the last of my water - little help that was - and stumbled / shuffled around the track 2 more times. 

I wasn't done yet - still had some suffering planned and next up was a 1 lapper.  With a bit of a second wind, my time for that 400 was 1:30 - much improved on the previous pace averages.  Just for fun - lets compare that with the World Record..

I think that makes me over twice as slow as the World Record. 

Almost done, after another easy lap, much of it walking, I did 1/2 lap at "all that was left" pace, followed by another of the same distance and effort. Finally finishing it all off with 2 different attempts at 100 meters - with some recoveries in between.

My 200's were 42 seconds and 40 seconds.
My 100's were 17 seconds and then 18 seconds.

Now I know that is about as interesting to most people as watching paint dry - likely slower than that.  But my point is - I am not fast at all and I have a lot of work to do if I want to get faster.

Or I might just quit and stick to running on trails and in the shade.

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