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Monday, May 14, 2012

Greenland Trail - Jog in the Fog

Sunday morning was yet another attempt to get a (8 mile) lap under 60 minutes, likely the last go at it till next year.

The Happy Trails Crew were there to witness the suffering.  Kathleen started off before us, then in the thick fog and a slight breeze from the West - which later switched to come from the North - Steve and I set off.

At the 5 mile / high point of the loop - I was in good shape as far as time went, 40:15 - I believe that is the quickest I had made it to there.  We passed Kathleen there and with 3 miles to go and it mostly downhill - 60 minutes for a finish time was out of reach - but 61 minutes looked doable.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday I had set my PR of 61:19 - doing the last 3 miles in 20:48.  Yesterday - I thought I was pushing it but ended up being about a 1/2 minute slower.  Finish time was 61:32.  Missed a new PR but still beat the race day time.

Oh well.  I'm okay with the effort and the results from the past 3 attempts (in the past 8 days).  To run the same course and finish within 70 seconds is a consistent result that I will take.

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  1. That was fun - nothing like throwing all angles at the course and hitting them all within a minute. Consistency is a good thing!