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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Track time - week 2

Seems like the family had more fun than suffering last Thursday when we went running together, so we went to a nearby track yesterday for some more (fun and suffering).

It's nice, because we are all together and yet all doing our own separate thing as far as distances and speeds go.  Plus we get to watch and cheer each other along.  Watching my kids run is something that I totally enjoy and can never get enough of.

Was a little less breezy but a few degrees warmer than last week.  It's kind of odd to look at the data afterwards and note that for 7 miles on a "flat track" - I had almost 100' elevation gain.

In any case, everyone ran hard and fast - seems like we all did better this time around and around and around and around etc.....

I got my 1600 time faster by 12 seconds.   My (2 sets of) 800's were also a couple of seconds faster.  I did 4 sets of 400's (with a 400 easy lap in between each) and those were at least consistent with each other - but the same time as last weeks couple that I did.

As for the 100's - I saved those till the end and admittedly I was ready to be done as I did 4 of them, averaging around 16 seconds - slightly slower than last week.

Pleased with the (my) effort and times - I know last week when I did them on Thursday I was still feeling it on Saturdays long run and again for an 8 mile tempo run on Sunday.  Today - I feel like I have recovered better already. 

Will enjoy a rest day today and see what Waldo Canyon holds tomorrow.  Contemplating a local 10K on Saturday to check the tempo / pace for the following weekend's Slacker half marathon.

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  1. Looks like good times - but you might want to skip those next week. Don't want to show up at Slacker with toast for legs like last Saturday ;-) Have fun at Waldo, but get out early to beat the heat!