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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Track time

I'm one spoiled Knuckledragging Dude.  I have a wife and 3 kids that clearly are higher up life's food chain than I am.

They are for the most part healthy, easy on the eyes (okay, my girls are super cute - but that is bragging), full credit to their Mother for that - and they enjoy being physically active.

It's not that my kids are better than someone or anyone else's kids - but I like my kids and I ain't about to trade them - cause they are keepers.
Approx 5 years ago
The 3 amigos are Soccer crazy, they would rather play it than watch it.  They would rather watch Soccer than watch just about anything else.  They all are improving their skills, play on local teams and as a result take up a lot of our time (and $$$). 

They all like to run also.  Being that playing Soccer involves running, it's likely that doing some of one helps the other.  So, this morning we did a Family Track workout.  It was originally going to be just the teenager and myself, but the girls decided to tag along.  I made up little charts for them so they could write down and track their times for various distances around the track.

A mix of 800's, 400's, 200's and 100's for the girls.  The teenager got those also, along with a 1600.  Plenty or water breaks and resting in between.  They each ran hard, mostly with arms flailing wildly, but with big smiles on their faces.  My wife ran her thing, I did my thing - each time we passed another family member there was lots of cheering, smiling and encouraging - unless we were gasping for air, which happened frequently.

Sure, it will likely help build some fitness for the Soccer thing.  But it also helps build us into a better family.  Again - we are not better than anyone, but today we may have had more fun.