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Monday, July 2, 2012

Barr Trail Mtn Race is cancelled

Got this e-mail from the RD in the last couple of minutes.....

Link to the Race website - where they have updated status also.

Dear Runners, After a great deal of consideration, the Barr Trail Mountain Race (BTMR) committee has come to the painful decision to cancel the 2012 edition of the BTMR. As we are sure you are all aware, our community is in the midst of experiencing what is being called "the most devastating wildfire in Colorado history." The impact of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire on both Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs has been incredibly severe. To date, over 17,000 acres have burned and nearly 350 homes have been destroyed. We realize that while Barr Trail has remained unscathed by the fire, countless other trails and open spaces along the front range have been directly affected. Because of this, both El Paso County Search and Rescue and the US Forest Service have been busy focusing their efforts towards helping contain the fire and deal with the destruction which has already occurred. We as a committee, and involved community members, believe these organizations should continue to direct their energies and resources where they are most needed, i.e. helping with the Waldo Canyon Wildfire. We recognize that the wildfire crews are making significant progress and the percentage of containment continues to jump on a daily basis. However containment, even full containment, does not mean extinguished. And as the fire continues to burn, the quality of air along the front range remains less than ideal. We would like to thank our sponsors and look forward to working with them in 2013. We know they too are hoping for the best possible outcome for this situation. Since the BTMR is a non-profit race, meaning 100% of entry fees are put directly back into the community, you will have the choice to either: 1) Have your race entry fee be donated to the original BTMR beneficiaries: El Paso County Search and Rescue, Friends of the Peak and Barr Camp. 2) Request your entry fee be donated to the Colorado Red Cross. 3) Defer your race entry to 2013. If you opt to have your entry fee be donated, you will be guaranteed a slot in the 2013 BTMR. Please email the race director at........
Waldo Canyon - taken January 11th this year while I was running it


  1. Bummer but 100 percent understandable.

  2. Bummer for you and your son but 100 percent understandable.

  3. I agree with the decision too. The fire has and will continue to greatly impact the area - taking resources away from attending to the fire and protecting / rebuilding the community - is not a good choice. Not sure if you heard or saw it also - but the Hill Climb is cancelled this weekend too. Good decision to cancel that one also.

  4. I know I am posting crap about what trails are opening, blah blah blah ... but it all seems so petty in light of the nightmare down there.

    Frankly, with the tinderbox that the Pikes area is, and the Barr Trail not having many escape routes, I could see a rationale for not having PPA or PPM either (although it is too far out to project that). I'd not like it, but it is understandable.

    If that happens I might just need to come down and eat Carpenter out his ice cream shop.

  5. I know I want to / need to get up Barr (for PPM training) - but have a little nervousness in doing so - for "what if". Then running at the Academy on Saturday, then in Black Forest yesterday - I'm taking mental pictures, if not actual pictures of people I am passing by - just in case. Hard to stay focused on the trails - or much of anything.