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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pikes Peak Ascent / Marathon prize increase

While not reflected on the race website yet - a significant increase in awards was announced at this morning's press conference (I was in the neighborhood and curious).

1st place (for male and female) Marathon = $3000
1st place (for male and female) Ascent = $2000

New prize awards for Ascent course records = $2000
New prize awards for Marathon course records = $2000 ($4K total if they break the Ascent CR also, while doing the Marathon

What was described as the "Ascent Bounty": $5000 to whomever (Male) breaks 2 hours, (female) breaks 2:32.

They announced the potential prize purse is $54,000 and guaranteed prize purse equals $22,000.

Potentially, the winner of the Marathon could win $14,000.  (I missed the math breakdown of that part while I was trying to figure out how to shave 1 hr and 50 something minutes of my last year Ascent time to get under 2 hours - sigh, that's not happening).
(Full disclaimer - I'm not in the Media at all - but local TV and other news outlets were there - once they get their report(s) up, I'll link them here.....)
Colorado Springs Gazette story (updated)
Pikes Peak Sports web story

Should likely attract some speedy runners in the years to come, beginning this year with these on the competitive entry list and past winners who have yet to commit - but still can before August 11th.

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  1. I think that it is great that they are increasing the price but the second thing that It comes to my mind. it is the probably will be a lot more runners.