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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PP Marathon Training - Summit 6 miles

Drove up to and parked at the Summit, arrived shortly after noon to a Thunder / Snow shower.  Waited a few minutes and went down to A-Frame (approx 3 miles).  Was a bit slickery, especially up top.  But, it emphasized 2 things to me.  1) Run the parts you can and should run, walk the parts that you should walk.  If you do that, then 2) you shouldn't fall over.

30 minutes down to A-Frame.  By this time it was quite sunny so I shed my jacket, took a quick breather and went back up.  Managed to maintain a decent pace.  Running as much as I could and walking the rest, but overall ran (albeit slowly) much more than I walked.

55 1/2 minutes back up to the Summit.  I think that is one of my better times.  I know any time under an hour for me is really good and I will be happy w/ that on race day.

After Saturday's tumble - when according to my Garmin (if I am looking at it right) I was going sub 7 min mile pace when I crashed - I am really grateful it seems as though nothing structural went wonky.  Just a flesh wound.  (Okay, maybe a 1/2 dozen flesh wounds).

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  1. Nice work Craig. I never even thought of chalking up those wounds to a run in with the Black Knight... ;-)