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Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend wrap up

2 family achievements / milestones this past weekend.
* Happy birthday to my wife, made more memorable by her father showing up unexpected for a few days.  I knew he was coming - managed to keep the secret. 
* The Winter Series awards Dinner took place on Saturday night - #12 gets a 1st place medal for the 10 to 14 year old age group. 
He's the short one
He told me later that he really wanted a trophy, instead of a medal.  However, he did wear the medal proudly around his neck this morning as he got on the school bus.  He was rocking it.

He also mentioned that next year he wants me to do the "Long Series" with him.   Something to look forward to - neither of us have done those 4 races before (7 miler, 8 miler, 10 miler, 12 miler).  So, I guess it worked out for him that we ran together for this past 4 race series.

Next run together will be the BTMR - hopefully will get a lot of training runs in for that this Summer.  The Greenland Trail 8 miler in May is another race that we will likely do - but may end up racing each other instead of doing it together.

I got a couple of runs in - notably a muddy 13 miler Sunday afternoon, on the Santa Fe Trail, North from Baptist Road to up and around Palmer Lake (very wet & muddy there), then back. 

I'm going to gradually add in some more miles - last few months have been 30 +/- per week.  I'll bump it up to 40 by the end of the month hopefully.  Getting a little Spring fever yesterday and today - will try not to overdo it and overwork the knee. 

Focusing on my hip strengthening / stretching the past few weeks - seems to be helping overall.  I've recognized some noticeable improvement in running more comfortably, recovering better with the focus on the hips.  Hopefully will continue to see improved form and feeling.

No, not Hippo running, running with better hips.

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  1. Just hope the hippo doesn't chase you up Barr - not a good way to set a PR!! Hopefully this good weather isn't just a teasing prank, because you are right about the Spring Fever hitting. Have a great week!