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Monday, March 19, 2012

A long run

Even though the Pikes Peak Marathon is 5 months away - one of the big things that comes with it that is most overwhelming to me is the length of time it will take to do the thing. 

Sure, there is climbing (a lot), crowds (likely 800 +/-), and even possibly some racing (depends on how the race goes for me).  But, I have never run more than 4 hours and the race will definitely take me much more than that.

So, I know I need to train to be on my feet and moving forward for large lengths of time.  I'm not 100% certain of how long is too long, or is there a minumum amount I should do "long runs".

While pondering this yesterday - I did a decent long run.  18.25 miles w/ just over 1400' elevation gain (and loss).  I took my time, took some photos, noticed the most painful body aches during and after the run were my hips, followed by my knees, then ankles.  I have been working on stretching and strengthening those areas - and will continue to do so.

The scene of the run:  Parked at Spruce Meadows, ran over to and did a lap of the Greenland Trail (as the wind was picking up from the South), then back through Spruce Meadows over to Spruce Mountain - where the wind was really howling, then finally back to Spruce Meadows.  A couple ticks over 3 hours by the time I was done.  All in all - definitely a long run - longest I have done in a while.

As mentioned, photos taken along the way......
South end of Spruce from Greenland
Pikes Peak from Greenland Saddle

Greenland Trail - looking North

Always trains going by

Even a few ponds along the way

Getting closer to Spruce

Rugged Rock formations

One of my favorite views from up on Spruce

Windy Point at South end of Spruce - Pikes in the distance

The rock formations along the South end of Spruce


  1. The ironic thing is that the entire place could be called Windy Point! You are brave for doing that run on a wind blown day. Assuming the trails are drying up?

  2. Wind got worse as the morning wore on (and wore me out). Greenland is dry, Spruce still has some snow up top and on North end in the shadded spots.