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Friday, March 23, 2012

Waldo Canyon Run - (com)Pressed for time

Ran a new PR for the 7 mile Waldo Canyon Trail yesterday afternoon.   Here's a backstory on it.......

I guess I am a little difficult to buy Christmas and / or birthday presents for - according to my family.  I really don't usually want or need much of anything.  They ask, I answer: "Eh, I dunno".

This past Christmas they asked, I answered and I said "one of them backpack thingys that can hold water with a straw sticking out of it".

Christmas morning - much to my surprise - despite me picking it out - I got a Camelbak.

Since then I have worn it on most runs of about 6 miles or more.  Not just because one gets parched while running, but I have used it to carry some added weight - sometimes up to about 8 extra pounds.  The thought behind this is to run with more weight and therefore requiring effort in training - so that when a race or reason to go faster comes around, I would go faster, cause I would be lighter.

Part 2 of the backstory is some new socks.  I've been reading / researching Compression socks for a while and finally bought some last week.  After the Sunday 18.25 miler and a Tuesday 8 miler this week I have put them on to "check out if they work" - for recovery. 

Yesterday was the first time I tried them on to "check out if they work" - for running.

So, I ran Waldo - for the first time without any water, backpack or added weight, and with my sporty new socks.  The goal in mind - push hard and see what happened.

3 things happened.  #1.  During the run, especially the climbing, I felt that feeling of my teeth feeling like they were bleeding.  Not sure if that is something that only happens to me.  Kind of hard to describe.  Doesn't hurt, just feels weird.

#2. Almost as soon as I finished the run and since then my lungs have really felt worked, evidenced by some decent coughing fits.

#3.  Took just over 4 minutes off my previous PR.  Don't know if it was the socks, I am sure carrying a few pounds less definitely helped.  I am certainly pleased with the effort and result. 

My legs do feel good today also.

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  1. Stan Mavis (sub 28 10k guy who had a hand in PI start up I think) used to say his goal in the closing miles of a race was to make his teeth sweat.

  2. For me, wasn't so much sweaty (teeth) - but feeling like all the blood was rushing to them. Sweat, blood, lungs worked - all good signs of a hard run