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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Ramblings - Spring Fever

Been a while since I rambled with a purpose.  This has no purpose, form or structure..... so, it may not be considered rambling, rather it may be construed as a cry for better medication.  Okay, so I don't actually take any kind of medication - but maybe I should.

It's Spring, at least that is what the temperatures have been saying for the past week.  With Spring comes wind, melting snow, mud, Daylight savings (groan), longer days and sometime soon - green grass and pretty flowers.  I like Spring.

* In a post last week that referenced hip's - I did a search for hippo's - I think I already knew this, but they are some big beasts.  Cool and funny looking at the same time.

* Pikes Peak Marathon sign up day is this Thursday - 1 pm to be precise.  I wonder how fast it will take to fill up (seems like an hour or less is likely) - which leads me to think about what if I don't get in?  I guess plan "B" is "just" the Ascent.  Some of the speedy people have already signed up (those who were award winners from years past).  I'm still tossing around what to enter as a realistic prediction for myself.  6 hours is I think the goal.  Not sure if that is realistic, optomistic, or just stupid.  I am having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head about being on that Mountain for 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 hours.

* Speaking of running - my wife and I are tossing around the idea of having our children pay (out of their own money) to run in some races.  Specifically to see if that will drive #12 to train more for a race when he has to throw down the coin.  The Greenland Trail race is coming up in May, he and I are not yet signed up to do it, but we might throw that concept at him. 

The thought behind it is twofold.  One - we don't think he trained enough for the past set of Winter Series races.  Sure, he came first in his age group, but I saw a lack of commitment / effort - whether it was due to weather, being a "pre-teen", realising he was likely to win - so backing off from full effort.  May have been some or none of these things.   Maybe it was "just because".  Maybe I expected better.  I definitely want to be sensitive to not burn the kid out. 

The other thought on (his) "pay for play" concept is: to see if it can be a lesson learned about some grown up stuff - he turns 13 next month (sheesh)..... there comes a cost of being able to do things.  Will he try harder because he paid for it?  Will he be more focused in training - when he has to answer for himself more?  What is he willing to pay for?

I'm trying to not come across as a heartless taskmaster - I don't think I am.  It's not like we taught him to swim by throwing him in a lake and watch him sink.  I guess it is a reaction to what I see in not just him, his sisters or their friends - whether they get it from the kids they hang out with or the TV they watch, or the society we live in - but I see a lack of responsibility of owning up to ones own actions, mixed in with a sense of entitlement because they are spoiled.   I / we are likely to be as much at fault for that.

Meaning - if they do something wrong - they don't think it's entirely their fault.  Or, if they don't get to do something - then it's the person in authority who is at fault - they are the "bad guy".   Mix all that in with "just because you are cute / smart / good at something / better than someone else at something - doesn't mean you are entitled to "_______" (fill in whatever fits).

* I guess that was a rant more than a ramble.   Comes from a sometimes cranky, middle aged guy who probably expects too much not just for his kids, but others also.  Maybe this Daylight Saving thing doesn't let me get enough sleep.

* Moooooving along.... back to a ramble about running...... I got 11+ miles in yesterday afternoon at Spruce Meadows / Mountain.  While I like what the Barr Trail and Waldo Canyon can and will do for training for the PPM in August - when I just want to run, take my time and enjoy some trails, some hills, some open spaces, some nice views (and when the wind is not too unbearable) - I will take and make an opportunity to run there all the time.

I want a pet hippo.


  1. My kids bring up Bolder Boulder every year. I tell them they can either pay for it, or train for it. Or, I will pay for a smaller scale cheaper 10k (in Longmont the week after Bolder Boulder where I can park 100 yards from the start/finish).

    They have elected to the fourth choice: none of the above.

    Which I am fine with.

  2. Interesting concept for sure, and definitely NOT a heartless taskmaster! Fortunately for families, most of the PPRR races are reasonable, but racing in general has become pretty spendy, making "just for the heck of it" a not so good option. BTW, you have a pet hippo we don't know about??