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Friday, March 16, 2012

Greenland Trail

Before the real focus of Pikes Peak Marathon training kicks in, the Greenland Trail race takes place in about 7 weeks.  So I got a (8 mile) lap in yesterday afternoon.

A big difference in trail conditions from when I was there 2 weeks ago when the majority of it was snow covered - some places about a foot deep.  Yesterday, almost all the snow was gone and only just a few muddy spots.

However, it's that time of year where the wind blows seemingly more there than many other areas around, probably because it is so exposed and a little higher elevation.

One day it could be coming from the South, other days from the North - some days both.

I was still feeling the effects from Tuesday's jaunt up to Barr Camp, so started out easy into the wind.   Seemed like a recent horse event had left plenty of souvenirs on the trail - hoofprints.  Tricky on the ankles - need to work on strengthening those.

5 miles in for a little over 45 minutes, then I was feeling nice and loose so I pushed the last 3 miles and did those in just over 22 minutes.  Final time was 67:14.  Not bad, definite room for improvement - which should come as I spend more time there.

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