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Monday, November 21, 2011

Running with Cookies

For the first time in who knows how long - definitely several months - we didn't have any family activities, like kids soccer, to go to.  What a welcome relief and a chance to relax. 

Woke up Saturday morning expecting to see howling winds in full effect, but instead was low fog and no wind.  So, I got out for 8 miles and it ended up being a moderate tempo run - maintained 8:12 pace for the first 6 1/2 miles - the "big hill" to come up near home knocked me back a bit - but still was a good result.

While my son was in what we call "a book coma", and my oldest daughter and wife doing some sewing - my 6 yr old and I decided to make cookies.  Neither of us had really done it before, so we needed a little supervision - but after a while, as well as some misplaced flour - we made 3 dozen of the worlds best ever Chocolate Chip Cookies.   Should have taken photos - the saying of "a picture is worth a 1000 words" would not have done justice.  So we have a new saying - "the taste of cookies is worth a 1000 calories", or something.

Then I signed the 2 oldest kids and myself up for the YMCA Turkey Trot - I'll also run the 1K kids Fun Run w/ #6 prior to it.  So, after signing up - time to start training.  The plan - as always - is to run with the kids.  2 years ago, was w/ my son, last year, was w/ my oldest daughter.  This year will be the same.

So, we all bundled up - by now the wind had really started blowing and got to it.  We drove down the road to a neighbors house.  W/ the wife and youngest being cheerleaders - the 3 of us jumped out and started up our big hill - is a 130' climb, followed by a flat "ish" section to our house, then turn around and back to the start.  2 1/2 miles total distance, total climb of 170'.  On the way back I picked up the youngest and we ran about 1K back to the start.

We repeated this on Sunday, was less windy and a little faster for all of us.  We may do it again on Tuesday morning.  I really enjoy running w/ the kids - is fun and special to share a common activity.  Baking cookies, or devouring them as a family over the course of the weekend is also a fun, could become more common activity.

I also managed to get in 5 miles over at Spruce Mountain on Sunday as well.  So, 4 runs for the weekend, 3 dozen cookies (We didn't eat them all - yet), 2 naps, 0 soccer games played - although we did watch a few on the Tube.  All in all - was a good weekend.


  1. Very cool - that is a fantastic weekend all around!!!