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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blowing smoke, sh%$&* and W's 7

Scattered thoughts alert.....

Running first - after only doing 22 miles the prior week (knees and arthritis acting up), last week I ran Monday thru Friday - for the first time running 5 consecutive days since about June - and totalled 36 miles.  Nothing more than 8 1/2 miles, nothing less than 6 miles each day.  No adverse effects on the bod, particularly the knees.  Quite pleased with that.

Soccer next - last Soccer games of the season, Saturday was the longest day.  Left home at 7:30 am, finally back at 7 pm.  In between a game in Colo Spgs, then a drive up to Fort Collins for a game, then back home.  Not quite sure why the soccer fields are not more closer to the city - instead they are right beside I-25, and downwind on a very windy day.  No real nice way of saying how bad the smell was from the neighboring farm(s).  Do they feed the cows there beans?

On the way up to Ft Collins earlier in the day - wind damage was evident, 2 big road signs blown over.  A semi truck completely upside down.  On the way back - just as it was getting dark - I recognized Pike Peak in the distance, from North of Denver.  Gave me an appreciation of just how high that thing is.

Sunday I bagged running to stay in (out of the wind) to hang out with the family and get our new home computer up and running.  The old one has been on it's way out - giving us what we call "the blue screen of death" a few times.  So, we got a new modem, comes with Windows 7.  Plugged it in, turned it on - seemed to be working fine.  Quite impressive how fast it was.  Went to print something - nothing.  Wondered why - after a while going nowhere found out that the printer doesn't work w/ W's 7. 

Groan - now we have to get a new printer.  Moved the old printer out to the old computer - which we have "given" to the kids while it is on it's last legs.

Later in the day remembered I hadn't transferred running data from Friday into Garmin Connect.  Plugged the watch into the new computer - why am I not surprised - doesn't support W's 7 (64 bit).  Groan again - fortunately can use other computer to do that.

The moral of the story: When life blows things your way - be they unexpected, unpleasant (smelly) or unplanned - take a nap.

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  1. BSOD is a drag.

    Nice that you got consecutive running days in - good sign!