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Monday, November 7, 2011

Barometric Humbugs

What kind of a post title is "Barometric Humbugs" you ask?  Beats the %#$@ out of me.  But whatever it is or means - it seemed like last week something was not right and I am now doing an experiment to see if I am on to something.

Actually, it ain't new.  I typed into an online search engine: "barometric ailments" to see what came up.  Top of the list was this website ehowdotcom

Okay - so potentially what I have been thinking about for a few days has been studied for a while: "People sometimes complain of headaches and physical ailments during weather changes. Studies conducted at various times throughout the last two centuries have consistently shown that lower barometric pressures may also have a negative affect on human behavior".

Science has never been a strong point of mine, although I am curious as to "what would happen if ______ would happen".

Here's my point.  Seems like with the past few snow storms / cold fronts that have come through - my knees, especially the right one that had the surgery on it, swell up - a lot.  Range of motion is much more restricted.  Running, walking and even sometimes sitting is not overly painful - but frustratingly and annoyingly more difficult.

Do I blame that on falling barometric pressure?  Sure, why not.  But how much does age, diet, arthritis, sleep habits or too much / not enough exercise effect it?  Dunno.  Could be a combination of some or all of them.

Spelling it out - I'm going to keep a (loose) record of how I feel when there is a cold front coming through.  For the record so far - meaning the past few weeks - knees and other joints (wrists for example) have not been great about 1 to 2 days before the storm. 

However - with another storm in the forecast for tonight / tomorrow - no swelling or discomfort so far.  A little odd.  Plus, I was able to get out and run 7 1/2 miles this morning - knees did fine.  Maybe we won't get a storm.  Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.   

What a wierd body I have - not that I think I'm alone - you do too.

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  1. Those aren't gremlins - they really exist. For years after a hand surgery, my wrist was a good weather predictor. I like the barometric humbugs idea though - you might market that to The Weather Channel ;-)