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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blodgett Peak

I did my best impression of an Aimless, possibly Headless, wandering Turkey, yesterday afternoon.  I've been wanting to get up Blodgett Peak for several weeks.  Not for training purposes, more so "just because".  Having never been up it before and not having much of an idea what to expect - I parked at the Trailhead, started the watch and away I went.
From the Trailhead
Faced w/ 2 initial options on how to start moving upward - a service road to some water tanks, or a small trail that initially started heading South (desired direction to the Summit is West).
I took the trail option.
Started out innocently enough
Followed that for a bit as it soon joined another trail, not a lot of directional signs to follow as other trails, turns and twists came and went.  Gradual climb, was able to slow jog most of it.  Took a few turns and my trail got narrower.
Nice steep slopes to traverse
After about 20 minutes, I figured out I was still heading too far South instead of West - so I needed to try to head more NorthWest.
This direction looked about right.
I resorted to hiking, following what sort of looked like someone or something had been there before.  That soon ran out and for the next 40 minutes or so I was left to blaze my own trail, traversing steep slopes, rocks, occasional snow spots, fallen trees, was half expecting to see a Mountain Lion.  Instead, lots of this terrain.
After traversing up / West and over / North of a couple of Ridges I saw the target.

Still a good hike to get up there.
No signs of any trails, but I kept hiking along - admittedly completely lost but not too concerned as I was sure I could figure out a way back down.  So, kept going up.

Not the way up to try
Finally, I came upon a small trail and jumped on it.....
Which lead to a huge boulder field that seemed like the way to the top.

Rock hopping
About 85 minutes after starting out I made it to the Summit.

Took a few photos before heading down.
Pikes Peak in the distance

Air Force Academy

Rampart Reservoir?
Heading down was a little slow through the boulder field, then below that was various tracks and trails through the gulley until finally came upon the actual trail.  Followed that all the way back to the car.  About a mile from the end I did get stopped in my tracks by this guy walking in front of me.

Yes Sir, you have the right of way
Made it back to the car, was pretty wiped out having not taken any water or food.  Was gone for almost 2 1/4 hours, yet only 4 1/2 miles, with just under 2500 vertical gain.

 A few scratches, a lesson learned - stick to the trails.  An awesome view from the Summit.  Overall - a good time.


  1. Nice adventure you had! I need to do this run one of these days. Maybe you can be my tour guide now that you know how to make it to the summit.
    Nice Buck! I saw one that size yesterday from my car though he was like 5 feet away and was not scared at all. He eventually walked away with his girl friend. Of course I didn't have my camera. I was a bit upset I forgot it.

  2. I don't know how good I would be as a tour guide, wouldn't recommend the route I took anyway. I thought the buck was sizing me up for a moment to be his new girlfriend - thankfully he moved on. Good luck tomorrow at the TT.

  3. Nice outing there Craig - you were only a couple miles from Happy Trails central!! That scree field is indeed the way up Blodgett and there are a lot of places where the "trail" is marginal. But the view is worth it, am I right??? Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. The view was definitely worth it. Was really interesting looking over the AFA. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving too.