Defn: a human male displaying evidence of devolution - exhibits distinctive "caveman-like" tendencies. This man often dribbles in public places; cannot drink a beverage without spilling it on himself, the floor or someone else; may also run into objects like lampposts & bushes; has a definite "sloopish & short legged" running style that is slow and low to the ground, often resulting in the dragging of knuckles.

These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Objects in Mirror are.......

* ...... closer than they appear.
* 14,115 ft elevation
* The site of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where this year an Electric Car will be doing the Race (June 26th).
* The place where the Cog Railway climbs from Manitou Springs to the Summit.  Weather permitting of course - as todays live photo proves that it is not running.

Live Pikes Peak Cam
* The site of Pikes Peak Ascent (and Marathon) of which I am doing this year (August 20th). 
So I ate my lunch yesterday at the Mesa Rd overlook and took the top photo - was made to wonder (regarding the Ascent) - Am I nuts?
Ran last night a Threshold type Run.  First 2.5 miles at 9 min easy pace.  Then 15 mins at 7 pace.  3 minutes walking recovery.  Then 15 minutes at 7:15 pace.  1 minute recovery.  Then 2.6 miles at 8:45 pace.  Total 9.5 miles, 1 hr 19 mins.

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