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Monday, November 11, 2013

Feeling forty

I'm not actually forty - 5 1/2 laps of the sun more than that if one must count.  With old age comes wrinkles, creaky bones, seemingly increasingly bad tolerance of niff norfs, along with bad math, or if one already has bad math - then that gets exposed.

Why does one mention this math problem?  Well I am finally running again after a bit of a slow recovery from surgery - 2 weeks ago I managed to put together a 20 mile week - 3 runs with a fair amount of walking in it because I was just too exhausted to run.  Then last week I decided to add to the distance and try to do a 30 mile week.

Thanks to a combination of bad math on my part - along with great weather for this time of the year - 30 miles became 40 miles.  And I am okay with that.  In fact, it was great.  Not training for anything, waking up and deciding if and when and where I wanted to go for a run.  Changing my mind several times before and during a run.  No structure.  Alas there was also no speed, there is extra weight I have gained.  But all in all it was good to be running again.

My week was capped off on Saturday with a lap of Falcon Trail with Steve.  A slow but really enjoyable 2+ hour run.  I thought after that I would be needing a rest day on Sunday - but 60 degree weather was irresistible so I opted for a Mt Herman excursion.  I did the 1600' climb up the NE draw to start with and then meandered down trail 716 to Mt Herman road - connected that to trail 715, just before the shooting range - which both times I have run beside it has felt way too close.

Fortunately I made it safely through there and dropped into Limbaugh Canyon which flanks the West side of Mt Herman - so quiet and pretty through there, complete with a few stream crossings and fun single track trail.  Making it to the North end provides a great overlooking view of the town of Palmer Lake.  Having only been on this trail once before - with Steve as my guide - I was doing well so far to stay on track.  Oops, spoke too soon as about a mile later I found myself behind a 6 foot tall fence.  I noticed the fence when I noticed 2 signs - both blank and white.  I left the now dirt road that I was on and went to the fence, managing to pull it back enough to read on one sign "NO TRESPASSING". 

Great, I'm on the wrong side of the fence.  Wonder what the other sign says......"BEWARE OF DOG".  Oh crap.  I nearly did.  So I tip toed along the fence for a bit, till I came to a gate, locked.  With fortunately no sound (or sight) of the dog I gracefully leaped somehow managed to climb the fence.  Climbed uphill to where I heard some hikers on a trail and found the trail.  And then backtracked along it to see where I had missed it.

After seeing my missed turn I then turned back around and returned to my car.  9.3 miles, 2600'+ of gain and 2 1/4 hours of unplanned fun.  I'm guessing the correct route is about 8 miles and 2000'.  One I will look to do again.  If and whenever I feel like it.

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  1. It was great getting back on trail with you - good run.