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Friday, October 18, 2013

My new pitchfork tattoo and other random things after surgery and way too many painkillers

Surgery was 9 days ago - no more gall bladder.  Apparently I was a good patient - although I was unconscious throughout - which is usually my best behavior.  It still hurts, but that is likely because I took myself off the pain killers (Percoset) a few days ago.
It was kind of fitting that my last race before surgery was one in which I won an award - a clay pitchfork.  Because the scars that I have now on my belly look like I have been stabbed with a mean ol' pitchfork.   One of the more interesting things - at least to me - is that instead of stitching me up -the incisions are glued up.  I guess that is better than duct tape.   
But surgery went fine - it was in the middle of the morning and I was released by the middle of the afternoon.
So, I wasn't sure how long it was going to take for me to get healed up and back on my feet.  Fortunately, my sister came in from out of town - to take care of me and help out with the kids.  My task the next few days was to rest and recover.  One of my long lost favorite things to do was now top of the priority list: Nap.  I passed this with flying colors, napping at least twice a day for several days while the world continued on without me.  Just for fun on one evening I took my dose of Percoset and then tried to stay awake - the result was not pretty: Percoset 1 - Slobbering, drooling fool 0.
Monday rolled around and I went for the follow up visit to the surgeon where I heard music to my ears: I can now eat anything I like.  Just to be sure I asked if that included ice cream and the angels then began singing to me as I heard the answer: yes! 

Home made apple pie goes best with ice cream
So, since Monday I have eaten ice cream, tacos, apple pie, pizza, bacon, cereal, brownies, shortbread, chocolate - things I have not eaten in several months - and it has been AWESOME.
At times a few thoughts crossed my mind - like - "I'm probably going to gain some weight here if I keep this up".  My response: "Yes".  And then: "Should I start exercising soon?"  My response: "No".

Finally yesterday morning - after a glorious bowl of Marshmellow Mateys cereal for breakfast - I was definitely feeling the need to do something other than just resting and eating.  So, I went for a walk at nearby Spruce Mountain.  It's one of my favorite places to run / walk / be at.  I took no watch, no GPS, just took it very easy, not doing any of the climbs, just meandering around the base of the slopes all the while enjoying a relaxing, casual, comfortable stroll - truly appreciating the late fall colors and the cool crisp weather. 
And then to wake up today and see snow - I had to go back to Spruce Mountain because I like it even more in the snow.   Another nice walk that I greatly enjoyed - enhanced by the first measurable snow in the area of the season.
I'm not sure when I will go running again - likely not too far away.  I have had my fill of junk food - although I'm sure it will mix back in irregularly with my diet.  I'm looking forward to running - this time of year is always fun for me - I love to bundle up and run in the snow.  I may be shaped a bit more like a snowman after all my eating catches up to me, but with one less organ in my gut, in my opinion that is more space for chocolate.

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