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Friday, November 22, 2013

Another 40 mile week in the books

I managed to get my 3rd week in a row of 40 miles of running per week.  2 reasons - I am eating too much and if I don't run I will get fatter.  The other - and more important in my mind - reason is that I really enjoy running at this time of the year. 

Bundling up and running in the snow - especially on trails where the snow is freshly fallen and yet to be trampled on by anyone - is one of my favorite things to do.  I got to do that today and it was awesome.  More on that in a moment.

The beginning of the week was the 7 1/2 mile race at Palmer Park which was fun, because I enjoy the racing environment and the resulting desire to push and compete.

Monday I did another lap of the Falcon Trail at the Air Force Academy - my fourth time around it in the past 3 weeks.  Each lap (13 miles) I have alternated direction and gone 2 to 3 minutes quicker each time.  I was happy to go under 2 hours this past Monday (Clockwise) - the first time in several months.

I did a tempo run of sorts on Wednesday for 8 miles - managing to hold a 7:35 pace on the return 4 miles.  Still really slow, but faster than all my other runs have been lately.

Did a 4 mile slip and slide on the snow and ice yesterday and then came today where I did my new favorite loop of Mt Herman.  8 miles with the first 1 1/3rd mile gaining 1600'+.  The rest of it is mostly downhill, but has 700+ of gain mixed in.  98% of it on singletrack trail. 

There was about 4" of untouched snow up top, very slippery getting up there, 20 minutes slower than last week to get up to the top and 35 minutes slower overall.  But it was awesome.
Mt Herman, I park on the right and go up the side

Summit of Mt Herman, looking SE

On the trail (716) down from the summit
In Limbaugh Canyon on Trail 715

2 miles to go, an overlook of Palmer Lake and to the North

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