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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A week with 3 2 hour runs

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all who read this - and no, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand.  Too bad though because I for one am always looking for an excuse to overeat tasty food.  I did that with reckless delight yesterday with friends - whom I am very grateful for.  I am just as grateful for other friends who asked me to come share some of their food and fellowship - alas I didn't make it to anywhere else. 

By days end I was happily anchored to a calorie filled table, laden with pies, pastries and other delightful goodness.  Some of which I even baked myself, including Scones (from a New Zealand recipe).  I also played around with making Blackberry & Apple mini pies (as in baked in a muffin pan).  I tried 3 different types of crusts (White flour, Wheat flour, Brown Rice flour) and learnt that the white flour crusts were the best.  The most awesome part of it was that I somehow managed to make the lids removable - which then allowed for a generous dollop of whipped cream to be added.  The angels were singing with delight - or maybe that was just me.  In any case - not only did I like them, but the people also did.  I was glad to be a part of the fun and the giving.

There was a definite need to run this week with such a big food intake yesterday.  So this morning I waddled around the 13 mile loop of Falcon trail with my slowest time in recent weeks.  But this capped off another 40 mile week - my 4th in a row.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I got in 2 other 2 hour + runs - first time I have done back to back long runs in who knows how long.  Tuesday I did the Mt Herman 8 mile loop with 2300'+ gain in the fresh snow which was really fun.  Then on Wednesday I did Falcon Trail again in a creaky 2:03.

So I am quite pleased with 4 40 mile weeks in a row - not training for anything - but enjoying the weather, the trails and the ability to not gain too much weight by staying on top of some good mileage weeks. 

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