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Friday, August 10, 2012

PP Marathon training -- minute madness

Starting at the race start line, warmed up easy through Manitou, up Ruxton to Hydro street - then the madness began.  1 minute hard / full effort followed by 1 minute recovery (which was a walk) - then do it all over again x 20 sets.  These are the hardest hill repeats I have ever done.

I did this about 2 weeks ago - so I sort of knew what a tough training run this was.  It wasn't any easier although I got a little bit further than last time (just).  A pleasing note was that despite all the walking breaks, I made it up to the top of the "W's" in just over 40 minutes.  Was one of my better times to that point, including all the other times I have "run normally up the W's" - if there is such a thing.  Still didn't quite get to Balanced Rock however. 

Turned and came back down at an 8:30 pace.  8 miles total. 

Earlier in the day I had stretched wrong and did something to my mid rib area.  Just saw my chiropractor and he put back 2 ribs into proper alignment.  No wonder I had trouble breathing.

If I can keep myself from falling apart before race day - and I'm half tempted to show up at the starting line wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a crash helmet - I should be ready to run hard.
Checked the entry list this morning a few names missing that were once there.  Notably 2 Masters runners that I'm fairly certain were on the Marathon list a few days ago (Bernie B and D Mackey).  Just checked again (this update came an hour or so after the original post) Mr Mackey is now doing the Ascent instead.   Oh wait (I checked the list again middle of the afternoon and another update) - now his name is back in the marathon list.  I'm getting dizzy - where is the bubble wrapped helmet?

Less Master's runners certainly doesn't change my chances of getting on anything close to the leaderboard - so I need to beat that thought into my head.  I just need to focus on my run / race - all while trying to stay upright. 

If I do crash - I very well could make the list of spectacular weekend race injuries.  But, with that being said - it will take a fair amount of damage to my body to keep me from finishing. I just don't want to end up in this movie:


  1. Good eye. Not sure what is up with those two.

  2. Mackey on the Ascent list.

  3. Nice workout Craig.

    Didn't think you were allowed to "switch" races??? What's up with that?