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Friday, August 3, 2012

PP Marathon - Summit Training

The drive to the Summit yesterday afternoon featured an awesome thunderstorm starting at Glen Cove which stuck with me till the Summit.  Heavy rain, hail, lightning and thunder resulted in a slow(er) drive up.  Summit temp was barely 40 by the time I got there and waited for the storm to pass - which wasn't too long of a wait.

After the rain stopped I scouted around, could see other rain clouds in the area - none seemed too threatening - so I got going and while running, fortunately no thunder or lightning came too close - just getting wet with some rain for a while was the worst impact.

From the Summit: went down 3 miles, then back up 2 miles, back down a mile, then 2 miles back up to the Summit.  Grabbed a quick snack then went back down a mile, and finally - a tough mile back up to the Summit - there is just no way for me to try get through the 16 Golden Stairs quickly, especially when tired, going either up or down. 

Summary: Totalled 10 miles with 3600' elevation gain - all above 11,000 feet, in about 2 1/2 hours.   Good to put that in the bank.

Nothing blazing about the speed and who knows how it will play out on race day - but I am getting much more familiar with the trail, specifically what is runnable vs walkable, where the most difficult spots are (answer: just about all of it), and getting more excited about race day with only about 10 more training runs left.

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