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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last "High 5" on Pikes Peak

Got my last Summit training run in yesterday afternoon.  I have been fortunate enough to carve out 7 drives to the Summit for training runs (totalling 61 miles) in the past 4 weeks - should hopefully help me out on race day.  I'm sick of driving up and back.

5 miles starting from the Summit.  Went down 1 mile easy, (rolled my ankle a bit - nothing too major but still feel it today - should hopefully be right by Sunday), then back up to the Summit (17:04), turned and went back down to the "1 mile to go sign" - which is just a little bit longer than a mile - but near enough.  Turned and went back up again in 17:40.

Got snowed on briefly - if memory serves me right I think I has snowed (or something sort of like snow) 3 or 4 times while I have been up there running.

Then I went back down a 1/2 mile and back.  Those 16 Golden Stairs are tough, with several of them requiring big step ups and the use of all four on the floor to pull myself through. 

Who knows what I will be feeling on Sunday when going up and back down them.  I'm curious as to how congested it is going to be w/ other runners going the opposite direction through them.

Other items I am curious about on race day:

* How far up the trail I will be when the first runner(s) come flying back down?

* Who will win the thing?  Kilian Jornet is the favorite and it will likely be an upset if he didn't win.   Max King could give him a good run for the money.

* Will Matt Carpenter race?  I believe his wife is doing the double and maybe he is her support crew?  Or is he working at his Ice Cream store in Manitou that day and can't get out of work?

* How much will I be suffering when I come back down the trail?  Gravity will help for sure but the further the distance travelled - the more tired and sore I will definitely get - meaning focus and concentration could stray and that gives more opportunities to crash.  I really don't want to crash - have done that enough in training.  But, I will be wearing gloves in case.

* Will I be able to do well between Barr Camp and A-Frame (both going up and down)?  It's about 2 1/2 miles and 1800' elevation gain during that stretch.  Then another 2100' (or thereabouts) for the 3 miles between A-Frame and the Summit.   Having run each section several times - the lower section is just as hard as above treeline in my mind, possibly harder.  I say that because there are more runnable sections above treeline - that part ain't easy either. 

* Will I finish in the top 50 runners?  It's kind of a goal and will be a great (self) achievement.  On the other hand - if I spend any kind of time during the race focusing on racing other runners, instead of trying to stay constant and consistent in my own efforts - I will likely not do so well.

* What will my Ascent time be?  What will my Descent time be?  What will my finishing time be?

* How much will I be hurting and for how long in the hours and days after the race?

One last 4 miler today (from Start line up 2 miles and back), then packet pick up tomorrow (along w/ a trip to my chiropractor).  Kids Soccer tournament on Saturday - (will try to avoid too much time in the Sun), then Sunday the race starts at 7 am.  I'm Bib # 378.  I'm ready to run.

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