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Monday, August 13, 2012

PP Marathon training - H.A.T.

Woke up Sunday morning tired.  Weary.  I was planning on running an easy 5 miles.  Didn't.

This past Sunday morning indicated one week till the goal race of the year.  When I finally rolled out of bed, at the moment when my feet touched the floor, I decided that it doesn't really matter how much (or little) I run, or how hard, or where I run this week - the training is over.  Race day is getting closer, much closer.

My last long run on Saturday may have been a bit much.  Maybe not.  I didn't fall or get hurt, I didn't over exert myself, it just made me (more) tired.

My Saturday began by watching and cheering on my family in the local Panerathon 5K - insert bragging spot here: my 11 year old daughter took 1st place in her age group and my 7 year old daughter threw down a 34:10 time.  Not too shabby and makes a Daddy proud.

Then I drove up to the Summit for what I have written down in my training plan as H.A.T.  (High Altitude Training).  As mentioned, easy pace - down 4 miles, then back up 3 miles.  Turned and went down another mile, then back up to the Summit for the top 2 miles.

10 miles on the day, just under 2 1/2 hours and just over 3500' of elevation gain.  40 miles on the week w/ over 9400' vertical gain.  That, coming after a lot of training leading up to this thing, was the reason I didn't run Sunday, nor will I today.

The plan for this week: 6 miles Tuesday, 5 on Wed, 4 on Thurs, rest days on Friday & Saturday - and that's it (Race day Sunday). My body is thanking me for these 2 rest days.  This time next week - my body likely will not be thanking me.

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