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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The younger days

It was just a few months ago - meaning this Spring when I was in good shape - when 9 minute miles felt kind of slow to me. The last few weeks on most of my runs, 9 minute miles is about as good as it gets.  I can go faster, but not for very long.  My reality is I ain't young no more.  Not much comes easy - if it does, it sure does not come very fast.

I'm mostly okay with that however.  Two reasons: 1) at least I can run, for which I am grateful. 2) Faster times and pace will (hopefully / eventually) come. I'm okay with just putting in miles now. Don't need to, don't want to add speed and miles at the same time - avoiding overcooking.

For the second week in a row, I have run 2 days in a row, sort of.  Trying a trick on myself.  Ran early Monday morning (7.5 miles at 9 min pace) and then again this evening - 6 miles with those 4 1/4 mile hill repeats again.  Overall average was again 9 min miles.  Spreading out the back to back days runs to more like a day and a half apart seemed to work out for me.

The hill repeats tonight were better than last Thursday.  Taking the average from the 4 tonight and comparing to last week was 7 seconds faster average.  Cool weather, it was also nearly completely dark, lightly raining and I had a bit of a nose bleed for a few miles. 

By the time I got home inside I was a bit of a mess - took the wet shirt off and lay on the floor.  My oldest daughter noticed a scar on my belly - from where I had my appendix taken out a few years back. "Daddy", she asked, "is that where they took out your independix?"

A little later, was tucking into bed my youngest daughter (she is 6) and I asked how her day was. Her immediate response - without blinking an eye, quote: "Drew (also 6) has a crush on me, but he was doing his homework so I just gave him a hug anyway".  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - or have words with this Drew kid at her school.

Bought a new tune for the ipod - catchy.

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