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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Greenland Trail 8 misty miles

Was able to get a run in late yesterday and did a loop of the Greenland Trail 8 mile course.  Started at 6 pm, 50 degree temp, calling it either low clouds or high mist and for a welcome change for that area: no wind = all in all great weather to run in.

Started out averaging 8:45 to 8:50 pace along the gradual uphill for the first 3 1/3 miles.  Between there and the 5 mile point is more noticeable uphills, but nothing like the Barr Trail or PP Highway.  Slowed a little during that stretch, but only to an average pace of 9:05. 

Despite being a little wet due to the moisture and sweat, I was feeling quite good and started the downward last 3 mile stretch with only a little discomfort in the knees.   Was kind of cool to look across to I-25 and see the car lights in the distance in the mist / fog / clouds sending out fingers of light.

The next 2 miles I gradually bought the average pace down to 8:50 and for the last mile I set the lap timer to see if I could push the pace for a solid mile.  Since the knee surgery 2 months ago I have been able to run fairly well on uphills and for distance / endurance - but have not had any sort of speed, nor have I tried to push any kind of faster pace.  All those are relative to me - I'm faster than some, others are much more capable and faster than me.  I don't really compare myself with others speed etc - I do like to compare myself with my previous efforts.

So, I set out in the last mile to push as hard as I could, with the possibility at times of having my late lunch come back up as I pressed  through the last mile - I managed to do it in 7 minutes flat.  Not blazing speed - but decent after already doing 7 miles, albeit that last mile was somewhat downhill.

Total time for the 8 miles was 1:08:40.  Very happy with that.


  1. Solid Run Craig!
    Have not run that trail yet. Is it a loop or an out and back? Single track?

  2. That is some good recovery Craig! Greenland is nice to run with a little fog or cloud cover - that way there is no wind!

  3. Thanks Brad and Steve.
    Brad: trail is a loop - check for maps etc. First 3.3ish miles is old road type (on dirt) beside the train tracks. The rest is double or slightly wider track. Not a lot of people there weekdays - weekends you might run into horses, Mtn bikers, walkers and dogs.
    Is often windy there, especially in the Spring.

  4. Thanks Craig, I checked out the site. Might be a 50k for next year?

  5. I did the 2 lapper this year and the 1 lapper the year before, so am tossing up the 4 lapper next year - however, 4 laps of the same course is potentially a little monotonous.