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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10K+ and Waldo Canyon

School District (38) Fun Run this Saturday (Starts at LP High School at 9 am).  A 5k and 10K, starts at the same time.   Not signed up yet, not sure who in the family is doing it or which distance.  Possible that I run the 5k w/ one of the kids and as they finish I continue with the 10k.  I enjoy running with my kids, I think they still like running with me.

Tuesday late afternoon I ran what I thought was the full course according to the event website.  First 5k was right around 3.1 miles, however the next 5k was 3.9 miles - and had a decent 300+ foot climb.  So, maybe I didn't get the course right.  In any case, it's for a good cause as we have all 3 kids in school and their school's get partial proceeds.  So hopefully there will be a good turnout - for this inaugural event.

Yesterday I ran Waldo Canyon - has been several years since I had been in there, in fact I remember having to piggyback the smallest of our kids for a lot of it when we were there years ago.  We also never made it all the way round the loop - going only about a quarter mile of it (takes about 1 3/4 miles to get to the loop start).

So, I ran it yesterday not really knowing what I was getting into - the sign at the trailhead says 6.2 miles.  It is more like 7.  Sensing a theme for the last 2 days: 6.2 mile course actually being 7.  No big deal as I took my time, albeit some reason for that was the decent climbing necessary.  But finished in 1:18 and change. 

Probably should have taken water with me as it was warm and I usually carry water if I am going over an hour.  But as mentioned, I didn't push too hard and enjoyed the trail and views.  Not too many hikers on the trail, once I got away from Hwy 24 it was quite peaceful. 

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