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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Ramblings / The Dark Side

Mindless (and possibly useless) ramblings.....
* In a further attempt to prove that I am not that smart - I went for a 10+ mile run yesterday.  Start time 6:15 pm.  Finish time 7:45.  Sunset was about 7.  Couldn't see a thing for the last few miles.  Nice easy pace (on the dirt roads) and I had fun.

*Before it got dark I saw 3 dead snakes on the road.  Seeing 3 snakes is 3 too many for me.  Seeing 3 dead ones is not enough though - I am allergic to seeing snakes.  Not a fan at all.

* My 2 oldest kids play (so called) competitive soccer.  After a 9-1 result on Saturday (we won) in which my kid scored 2 goals - he says: "I think I want to try football".  Kid - that ain't happening.

* No soccer this coming weekend - school district has a community 5k and 10k fun run that the whole family may do.  Not sure what I'll do, who to run with (in my family) or if I'll try to run competitively.

* The Rugby World Cup continues in New Zealand.  For those of you keeping score, the latest result was Wales beating Namibia 81-7.  Tomorrow USA plays Italy and Canada plays Japan.  I have not seen any of the games.  I'm curious enough to check results but have not and will likely not see any games.

* It may just be me - but in the past week and a half I have seen 4 car accidents, within a few minutes (my guess no more than 15 minutes for each of them) after they happened.  3 of them were rollovers.   Are people just getting to be worse drivers?  Or am I just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

* On a lighter note..... some driving school bloopers

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  1. Saw some rugby down by CC the other day - have no idea what the action is supposed to look like though!!! Good call on the football. Much less bone breaking in soccer :)