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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Friday, September 9, 2011

6 miles with hill repeats = groan

Since the knee surgery about 2 months ago I have not run on back to back days.  Late yesterday I did get another run in, coming the day after a somewhat successful 8 miles on the Greenland Trail, I got a few miles in near home. 

There is a small hill, a little less than a 100' climb for 1/4 mile that is nearby - is good for hill repeats.  I did these a fair amount this Spring but have done none since.

2 miles warm up then 4 repeats - I tried, but was unable to get any kind of push uphill on any of the 4 attempts.  A few factors I think involved...... had run fairly hard the day before, a sugar rush from a packet of Jelly Beans earlier that afternoon had worn off, I'm running a little heavy - about 4 to 5 pounds up since the Marathon in May, then there was that surgery thing - but I feel it is almost about time to stop using that as an excuse.

2 miles after to bring the total to 6 miles.  A lot slower than when I did these in the Spring, but I'm still happy with being able to get the run in and feel quite good this morning.  Will take today as a rest day and should be able to get out tomorrow morning for a decent run before the kids soccer games.

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