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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The price of setting a Manitou Incline PR

Dear City of Manitou Springs, please accept my apologies for writing, clearly I can't read very well at all.  I would understand if you discarded this letter - dismissing it from the guy who clearly couldn't read.  I understand how easily it would be for you to easily assume that you wouldn't expect me to write right - when clearly my ability to read signs is negligent - especially before 6 am on a weekday.

Instead of venting my frustrations in an angry letter, I am actually writing to give you some suggestions with what to do with my $35 parking ticket that I acquired earlier this morning.  Please put that money to good use - perhaps you could use it to buy a sign and attach it to the parking meter that I parked right beside?  On that sign could you maybe write that even "if you attempt to pay money in an area not designated for "public" parking until after 8 am and the meter doesn't take your money - instead it just says: try later"  I clearly missed a sign saying that the area was for resident parking.  Entirely my fault. I really am sorry.

Another thought for the $35 I will be sending is maybe putting up a larger sign at the base of the incline regarding dogs - specifically what to do if one encounters something that has come out of the base of a dog - as I encountered today - right in the middle of the trail - just below the false summit.  At the time of cautiously maneuvering past it, I and those around me were clearly struggling with our breathing and focus - but to have to focus on that?  I clearly did not get my $35 worth for that piece of entertainment.

Really though - I had a good day on the incline and then further up Pikes Peak on Barr Trail (capped out at 3300' elevation gain for my 2+ hr run).  So with that in mind, here's another thought for what to do with my parking fine: Maybe place a statue in my honor of my new PR on the incline?  I took 55 seconds off my previous best.  I'm really happy for myself and was hoping you would share in my excitement.  That may sound a bit egotistic I realize and I apologize for that also.  It's probably best you put that statue up in honor of the guy who told me he did a 24:57 today (6 1/2 minutes faster than me). 

Once again, I'm sorry, because it was my fault and I am not one of those people who blame their own mistakes on someone else.  I'm not angry, I will pay the fine and I have certainly learnt my lesson, albeit a costly way.

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  1. Manitou Springs is the capital of taxation by citation... anyone who parks anywhere in Manitou should be well advised to double and triple check where they are and what rules apply. I got dinged several years ago in the old BT parking lot because the ass end of my truck was out just a smidge and another friend got ticketed just below Iron Springs for the same thing... MPD cruises and hunts Ruxton like Great White Sharks patrolling kelp beds for baby seals...