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Saturday, May 3, 2014

50K training Week 9

This was an ambitious week on tap for me, not just because I had 70 miles for the goal, most miles in a week for me ever - but to also do it in 4 runs.

Sunday: 12 miles.  Was a snowy morning with the foothills covered and flurries when I started.  From Northgate on Santa Fe up through Monument at an easy 8:55 pace, turned as the snow and wind picked up and came back at an 8:05 avg (wind and snow assisted).  Just a run, nothing to really work on aside from getting miles in when I could.

Monday: Happy Birthday to me (46, groan).  Off to Mt Herman, expecting to see snow from the day before, but very little evidence of it.  Fresh off a 9 1/2 minute PR on it just a few days prior I was curious to see if that was an anomaly.  Friday's PR also included a summit PR for me, but of course I had forgotten what that was by Monday - only remembering the lap time.  So when I summited in 33:46 I knew it was a decent time, just couldn't remember if it was a new best.  Turned out upon checking it out later that I had sliced about 30 seconds off Friday's time to the summit.
There was a little residual snow up top but nothing slippery so I was able to keep tracking at a decent clip.  As I was passing by a few other marker points along the trail where I did remember the previous run and the accompanying times I realized I was real close to Fridays effort.  Cool.  Mental boost.  I kept at it and low and behold ended up taking about 3/4 of a minute off Fridays time.  A new PR of 1:39.  Looking back at this run I think I could of actually made the summit a bit quicker, not just because I stopped to pee on the way up, but because I was expecting more snow and so I held back a bit to conserve for when snow may come and trail conditions would have slowed me down.  That never really happened.
So, all that to say, I think I could beat my summit and lap time still.  But that is for another day.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday:  Double Falcon.  26 miles.  Was a breezy and sometimes quite brisk run with temps not really threatening to get over 40 - especially the wind chill not getting up there.  First lap I went clockwise, not pushing hard, just trying to be steady - ended  up with a 2:06 lap, which was about a minute faster than last time I did a Double Falcon a couple of weeks ago.  Lap 2 I was a bit more fatigued than I wanted to be, both physically and mentally - I'd like to blame the wind, but it was more me than that.  So, lap 2 in the counter clockwise direction was closer to 2:10.  So a combined 2 lap total (along with a few laps of the parking lot to bring the total up to 26 miles) was 4:16.  About a minute slower than 2 weeks prior.  I'll call it being consistent rather than a run that shoulda, woulda, coulda been better.  Will look to do better next time in a couple of weeks when I have another crack at it.

Thursday: rest and recovery day.

Friday:  From Northgate on Santa Fe Trail, up past Monument, then through Palmer Lake and connected on to the Greenland Trail.  Followed that North to Kipps loop, where I went a mile up the saddle before turning and heading back the way I came.  Went out at an easy 9 minute average and then came back a little quicker because it was more downhill than up.  12 miles out and back makes 24 for the day and a time of 3:32 ish.  It started out cool but by the time I was done the temps were getting toasty. 

So, 70 miles for the week.  Felt like a good achievement to get 26 on Wed, then 24 on Friday.  Hopefully that will help build up the endurance-o-meter.  These next few weeks I am looking to work on that along with getting some more vertical in (Double Herman in the mix).  Speed / tempo?  Not likely.  Lots more miles?  Yup.  70 on tap again for this upcoming week.

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