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Saturday, May 10, 2014

50K training Week 10 - a nemesis returns

Last week was a foray into 70 miles - new territory for me.  I had never run that far in a week before.  In that week I had a 26 miler on Wednesday, a 24 miler on Friday - coming through both unscathed, albeit a little weary.  Saturday was a rest day before jumping into another 70 miler this week.

Sunday: 6 miles.  Was feeling like a tempo run was a good idea.  Started out at Hwy 105 on the Santa Fe Trail and headed up to Palmer Lake at an 8 min avg.  3 miles up and the effort was solid in the 240' of gain.  I turned and decided to go faster on the way back, taking advantage of the beautiful day and the slight downhill.  I managed to push out 3 consecutive 7 minute miles which was good.  It was quite an effort, especially because I have not run that fast in weeks, instead I have been focusing on long, slow distances.  But this felt good.

Monday:  26 miles.  I was tired at the start, which was fairly early due to needing to get done and off to work.  But I also left early enough to not have to push the pace - instead just have a goal of getting it done in under 4 hours.  Started at Northgate on the Santa Fe Trail, went North through Monument, then Palmer Lake, caught the connector trail onto the Greenland Trail and went across to Kipps loop.  Went up and over the saddle and after 13 miles on the feet, turned and headed back.  I had slowed a bit going up the saddle, so my average pace was about 9:15.   I increased the effort only slightly on the return 13 miles - just bringing the overall average down a little.  Finished in 3:56 - time to spare and time to get to work.

That afternoon my right knee began to hurt.  By the evening it was really painful.  I woke up during the night and it was really sore - the pain actually waking me up.  I iced it and eventually went back to sleep.

Tuesday: a planned rest day.  I wore a brace on my knee, trying to keep some compression on it.  Still very sore.   Iced it when I could, wrapped it up frequently.  Woke up again in the night in pain.  It had not hurt at all on Monday's run - why it started hurting after I don't know.  All I can think of was that it was my meniscus that I had torn and had surgery on a couple of years ago.  I didn't know if it was torn or really inflamed due to all the miles. 

Wednesday: 13 mile loop of Falcon Trail on tap.  The knee was feeling a little better in the morning, tender to touch, but seemingly okay as I got ready to get going.  I started out clockwise pretty slow and immediately it was not right.  I kept going, slowly, hoping that as I warmed up and got looser the knee would feel better.  I was running as lightly on my feet as I could, but things didn't get better.  At 1 1/2 miles I decided it was not going to get better - in fact, it likely would get worse.  So I stopped, turned around and walked back to my car.  Jogging occasionally, but walking almost all the way back.

Iced it immediately and wrapped it back up.  I decided then it was more important to stop chasing miles, but to heal up.  It has taken till today (Saturday) to stop hurting, but even now there is a little niggle there.  So I will not run again till Monday. 

I had originally planned a 75 mile week this week, followed by a 40 miler.  I am going to switch that and try to do the 40 miler this week - seeing how things go and then decide what to do the following week.  I am travelling out of town for a few days this week so actually cutting out some miles would help with things too.

This knee nemesis is frustrating, but I am hoping it just needs the 5 days of complete rest to get right.  So far it is helping.  The 50K is still 7 weeks away - so if there is a good time to take some time off it is now, with a good base established already.  If the knee improves as it seems it gradually is - then I shouldn't be too greatly affected in the training department in getting ready to run June 28th.

That being said, I am curious to see how Monday's run goes.

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