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Sunday, May 25, 2014

50K training week 12 - into the swing of things

With the knee coming around, not right but not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago - along with the need to log some important miles with race day getting closer - the goal this past week was 70 miles.

Started early Sunday with a "Double Herman".  16 miles with over 4700' of gain.  I had only completed the double once before, failing 2 other times due to icy conditions once, and mental weakness the other.  Today I had no excuses and I was going to get this done unless my leg fell off.
Legs held up well, the knee is painful but tolerable when running.  After a few miles it seems to do better. 

On the prior double lap I had come in just under 4 hours.  It was back in May when fitness was at a lower level and the track was a little more wintery like.  Today I not only wanted to finish, but beat that time.  Lap one started well and I gained the summit in just over 35 minutes, a zippy time.  I was feeling good, didn't feel like I was pushing too hard so with a good time under the belt to get up to 9060' I was encouraged.  The rest of the lap I just tried to maintain a steady effort and was rewarded with a first lap time of 1:45 - well and truly under goal pace.

Lap 2 the fatigue caught up somewhat but not too greatly - lap 2 completed in 1:47 1/2.  So a new Double Herman lap time - beating my old mark by over 26 minutes.  Tired but happy, very happy with that.

Monday: 10 miles was the goal for a recovery run - cut it short to 5 as I was feeling the effort and my knee just didn't seem like it was up for it.  Thought I made a smart decision to cut it short.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Another double on tap, this one a double Falcon - 26 miles.  I wanted to also set a pr on this one, previous best was 4:15 or so.  Lap one I pushed a little 2 hard and was rewarded with a 2 hour flat lap.  Problem was I had nothing left for lap 2 and bonked big time.  This resulted in a bunch of walking and I ended up with a 2:30 lap.

Thursday: off.

Friday: 18 miles on Santa Fe Trail.  Out at an easy 9 minute pace, back at 8:30 pace.  Felt really good and easy both directions for the whole way. 

An encouraging run to end the week, 65 miles.  Not trying to dwell on Wednesday's result.  Encouraged by Sunday and Friday's efforts.  Up next - the last big week: 75 miles.

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  1. Double Herman and Double Falcon in the same week - some stout work there! Sounds like North Fork will be rockin'!