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Saturday, March 22, 2014

50K Training Week Three

This was another 55 mile training week for me, but I did it with one less run than last weeks 55 miler.

Monday started with a "Double Herman" - my first 2 lap effort of Mt Herman where it was an unknown to me as to what kind of time I could pull off.  I was expecting somewhere around 4:10 to 4:20 total time.  Conditions on the first lap were quite icy in many areas but I managed to be cautious and responsible and not fall on either lap.  By lap 2 the ice had softened in many areas so I could be a little less cautious and push further.  With the improving trail my second lap was actually 1 1/2 minutes faster than lap 2 - a nice bonus.  Even more-so was for the 16 miles I came in a minute under 4 hours and over 4800' of elevation gain.  So I am quite happy with that.

Tuesday was a rest day and I felt really good - no ill effects at all from Monday

Wednesday was a clockwise effort of the Falcon Trail (13 miles) and I was feeling quite good.  I purposefully decided to run by feel the first half lap up to the high point of the lap and was happily encouraged by a halfway split of 1:01:20.  I then felt good enough to get after it on the second half of the trail which was in nice shape.  I ended up running about a minute faster than ever for this 6 1/2 mile stretch.  Final total time was just under 1:54 which is my 2nd fastest time ever - in either direction.  I mark this down as a good sign of improving fitness and expect to do better in future runs.

Thursday was an easy 6 miles at 8:45 recovery pace on the Santa Fe Trail on a cool and crisp, beautiful early Spring morning.

Friday was a 20 miler also on the Santa Fe Trail, starting from the Woodmen Rd trail-head and up to almost Baptist Rd before turning and coming back.  I wanted to do a comfortable effort up and see what I had to work with on the way back.  Starting out with cold temperatures into a chilly wind blowing in my face from the North was difficult to get motivated but after about 7 or 8 miles the wind died down and temperatures gradually got warmer.  I settled into an 8:50 per mile pace for the 10 miles out.  Then on the way back I was feeling peppy so I picked up the effort and got down to 7:55 pace.  I held this quite strong for about 6 miles until both fatigue set in and the wind had by now shifted to be blowing from the South - stronger than it had been from the North a couple hours earlier.  Not very nice.  I struggled over the last 3 miles or so to not fall off my pace but still managed to keep the overall average for the final 10 miles to 8 minute pace.  Final time was just under 2:49 for the 20 miles.

So it was a good week with a 4 hour run, nearly 3 hour run, a 2 hour run and 1 other short run and on each of these I felt good and surpassed my loose expectations and hopes.  About 9 hours of running for the week to tally up the 55 miles.  Giving myself a reset / easy week next week - I have built these in every 4th week in this training block.  So far things are progressing well for the 50K race coming up in now 14 weeks.

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