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Sunday, March 30, 2014

50K training week 4

An easy, recovery week for me with only 40 miles.  To me to write "only 40 miles" is quite an achievement in itself as for most of my running a 40 mile week has been the maximum.  But I am attempting in training for the 50K much more than 40 mile weeks.

4 runs on the week starting with the 8 mile, 2300' gain Mt Herman loop on Monday.  It is still quite icy on this trail, especially on the initial 1700' climb and then in several other areas which don't see the sun at all through Limbaugh Canyon.  But a combination of decreasing ice and increasing fitness resulted on Monday in my first time completing the loop in under 1 hr, 50 minutes.  So a new PR is 1:49:22.  I believe I can go faster too once the trail clears up.

Wednesday I did a 15 mile progression run on Santa Fe Trail, starting at Northgate and heading North.  Started out at a 9:10 average and then each mile I increased the overall average by 5 seconds.  I initially did okay with the goal but by the time I was heading back in order to increase the overall pace, I was needing to go sub 8 minute miles.  And with 4 miles to go I needed to do 7 minute miles in order to finish with an 8 minute overall average.  I was gassed and unable to do so, so I just dialed it back and stayed at an 8:15 overall pace through the end of the 15 miles.  So I didn't quite achieve what I wanted, but it was a tall order to expect anyway.

Thursday was an easy, flat 4 miles on Santa Fe Trail at an 8:40 pace.  Recovery run day.

Friday was Falcon Trail and after last weeks 2nd best lap ever I was wanting to beat that time.  Running clockwise this time (I alternate directions each run) I set out to beat my previous best effort which was about a year ago.  I decided to not look at my watch the first 6 1/2 miles - instead to run by effort - that effort to be a determined push.  So at the half way point, also the highest point on the loop, I was at 60:22.  That was right on time with my best effort - which happened to be going the other direction.  So now I knew I had a chance to get a new best time.  So I now really pushed, the trail was clear of ice and snow so I was able to not worry about footing.  Success, averaging 7:56 pace for the last 6 1/2 miles I achieved a new best lap time of 1:51:55.  I would like to one day maybe get to a 1:50 lap - but that may be out of reach.

So, a good, "easy" week in which I set 2 new PR's.  The goal this upcoming week is a 60 mile week. 

And now for a personal "life update".....
Tomorrow I am starting a new career (My new place of employment) and then by the end of this week I will also be taking on a part time job at this place for the next 4 to 6 months, all the while doing a few hours a week of work transitioning out of my old job - doing that till near the end of the year if I can.  My weeks are about to get much busier (I need to pay some bills), running will be put much lower on my priority list - but I still hope to get training in for the 2 50K's I have coming up, at the end of June and the first Saturday in October.


  1. Great week of training! I wish you luck in your new career.

  2. Do you start the Falcon loop from the parking lot near the football field? Do you think it's easier counter clockwise or clockwise?
    Good Luck with the new jobs!